ELSA ZagrebAbout us

International Summer Law School Zadar, organized by ELSA Zagreb, is the oldest summer law school in the ELSA Network. We have been working for 16 years and we can proudly say that with every year we thrive to become the best we can be.

In the last 15 years we have had over 600 participants from all over Europe and also Asia and the USA. We can happily and proudly say that every one of them was extremely satisfied and happy to participate in our school.

Over the years the mission of our summer school has stayed the same even if the school transformed greatly since the begining: we believe a better, more sustainable world will take shape when all people are connected. We aim to bring law students together, to educate young minds in the field of Human Rights ,to let them see that collaboration between nations should be part of everyday life if we want to reach full potential of the Universial Declaration of Human Rights.

Our main focus of interest are Human Rights and every year we educate our participants through various workshops and lectures about different fields of this topic.

Our goal is to inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun.